Also sees the first love 2

Finishes class 10 minute grass people to look up to the quadrangle the sky dark cloud likely roof
How to be able to think that is she or she
How can'trecord that her is her which she is she???
She said that may become the friend who chats Good!
Looks for her first!

Should be this classroom….Probe head…Searches the brain….

You want to do! = =
where has why for what purpose ~ Asks the human not to be good! Who looks for! Your class's forest XX in? In! The forest outside XX has male to look for you)))))))))
Your face good red = = Meets? Has you to be red! I know you! Some matters said ~
My my I When! Clang ...clang.... clang clang ~ /\
I returned to the classroom = = The grass people you finish class run drink Not! Teacher That eats the betel nut Where has?
Then a your mouth translation You thought that teacher is the fool?
(is originally fool)
That is the chewing gum?
Attends class eats the chewing gum to be very good Spits to me punishes by forcing to stand to behind
= =

Oh! The woman is really the source of trouble?

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The first love

Thundered! Is projected on by the thunder can have the electricity Wrong! Is feeling which one kind receives an electric shock, but can die That day, gets down the light rain... Nearby the public vehicle station sign the station has filled the person Everybody looks the male vehicle door which opens! He does not have...... Because he did not know how rides the public vehicle The reason he is anabatic wind Che Tsu Rain just under... Umbrella also in home How manages? Hides under the tree or to drench to her looked He: Young lady! Ask.......... Which group sits? Her umbrella depends on, is very near.. Is approaches very much... Has the electricity.. Receives an electric shock She: You must depend on He: Asked what name 妳 is called? Where 妳 has to go to? She: My vehicle came! I walked! Breaks off! He: Feeds! For me 妳 telephone........... The public vehicle walked....... The person walked! Leaves behind him with the telephone number Also has the water drop the tie Or cannot ride the public vehicle Because turns the younger sister had not asked how goes home public vehicle After is continued a week...... Feeds! You are..... I am........ Oh! ... I remembered! You are big? My X year old of that I am bigger than! You! Is called me the elder sister elder sister! Elder sister elder sister! Has received an electric shock? This meeting.. Dies Dies!
Friend! Remembered front hits me for to want
the message spot....... The bill is all good do not have to hit the
bad language as far as possible only if you persisted the message
feared suffers a loss has not related under rivers and lakes morality
and justice the red character to select 3 a little has blesses ^^!

Flare 1 Flare 2 Flare 3

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